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Roadway Worker Good Faith Challenge
BMWED CRSF'S Election Plan ("LUEP") Approval Notification

BMWED CRSF’s Election Plan (“LUEP”) has been approved by the Election Supervisor. To access your approved LUEP, please click the link below.

Your LUEP, and the plans of any Local Union, General Committee of Adjustment or System Federation of the IBT, may be downloaded from the Election Supervisor’s website,, by clicking "delegate elections", and then "view election plans".

If you have any questions regarding the delegate elections process, please contact your regional director.


Office of the Election Supervisor

CSX PBP Ballot Results
Teamsters Rail Conference Officers Reelected
Novi, MI, May 7 — BLET National President Dennis R. Pierce was reelected to the office of President of the Teamsters Rail Conference at the Rail Conference’s Quadrennial Convention in Las Vegas on May 4, 2014.     read more ...
Rail Workers Hazmat Training Program 2014 Schedule and Application
Schedule     Application
Hospital/Physician Reinstatement Letter Templates
download 1     download 2
FRA Final Rule on Rail Integrity
Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Attached for your information and any distribution you deem appropriate is a copy of the FRA Final Rule on Rail Integrity (Track Safety Standards, 49 CFR Part 213), published in the Federal Register on January 24, 2014. The Final Rule becomes effective on March 25, 2014. FRA has summarized the Final Rule in the Federal Register as follows:

SUMMARY: “FRA is amending the Federal Track Safety Standards to promote the safety of railroad operations by enhancing rail flaw detection processes. In particular, FRA is establishing minimum qualification requirements for rail flaw detection equipment operators, as well as revising requirements for effective rail inspection frequencies, rail flaw remedial actions, and rail inspection records. In addition, FRA is removing regulatory requirements concerning joint bar fracture reporting.”

On January 29, 2014, FRA issued a correction to the Final Rule (also attached) to address errors originally published for the Remedial Action Table in Subpart D. The corrected Remedial Action Table also becomes effective on March 25, 2014.

This rule was developed through the Rail Safety Advisory Committee (RSAC) process of negotiated rulemaking. BMWED was an active participant in the RSAC Rail Integrity Task Force (RITF). The Committee reached consensus on numerous issues within the RITF including, but not limited to, revisions to the remedial action table, qualifications of rail flaw equipment operators, maintenance of inspection records, maximum intervals of tonnage and time between automated rail inspections (reduced from 40 MGT to 30 MGT), and the removal of the requirement for joint bar fracture reports. However, there was one area of contention and significant disagreement where BMWED withheld it’s consensus; that being the definition of “track segment” in relationship to the application of §213.237, Inspection of Rail. The issue of what constitutes a “track segment” was a significant area of non-consensus within the RITF and BMWED’s comments (copy attached) to the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) focused almost exclusively on that singular area of non-consensus and its safety implications.

Despite BMWED’s protestations and logic, FRA has chosen to allow railroads complete discretion in designating what constitutes an “inspection segment.” Under the FRA Final, the railroads will designate an “inspection segment” whether it be a mile, 10 miles, 100 miles, a 1,000 miles or even greater distances. Under the Final Rule, railroads are not prohibited from calculating “service defects” by averaging them out over the entire segment length rather than “service defects per mile”. Such “averaging” undoubtedly negates any requirement for the railroad to identify and correct discreet areas of weakness with high concentrations of service failures per mile.

In the Final Rule, FRA also rejected BMWED proposal to “require each railroad to review rail service failure records annually per variable mile of track”(i.e., a “floating mile” within an inspection area) “and apply the [corrective] provisions of §213.237(d) to any ‘variable’ mile of track exceeding the service failure rate” thresholds identified in the rule for various types of track.

In my opinion, the rule will provide a marginal improvement in rail integrity; however, the safety potential of the rule will not be fully realized due to the flawed application of “track segment” allowed by FRA.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.

BMWED Rail Integrity Comments     Rail Integrity Rule     Rail Integrity Rule Table Corrections
Effective January 1, 2013, the following Indiana University (IU) Health System locations are no longer "in-network" under the National Plan:

-Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health
-IU Health Methodist Hospital
-IU Health University Hospital
-Indiana University Health Saxony Hospital
-IU Health West Hospital
-IU Health North Hospital
-IU Health Arnett Hospital
-IU Ball Hospital
-IU Blackford Hospital
-IU Bloomington Hospital
-IU Bloomington Paoli Hospital
-IU Starke Memorial Hospital
-IU Morgan Hospital
-IU LaPorte
-Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana
-IU Health

Additionally, there are four other IU hospitals that have potential to no longer be "in-network" on the following dates:

-IU Health Bedford Hospital - 01/31/2014
-IU Health White Memorial Hospital - 02/28/2014
-IU Health Tipton Hospital - 09/24/2013 (I believe this to be a typographical error and am waiting for a response from UHC regarding such)
-IU Health Goshen Hospital - 03/31/2015

The reason the above-listed hospitals are not or potentially will not be "in-network" is due to their health care costs not being consistent with other providers in the region. United Healthcare is currently engaging in negotiations with IU Health System in an effort to return and/or keep these providers "in-network". I will update you of the outcome of the negotiations upon receipt of information.


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