Section 1

(a) At the beginning of the work season employees are required to travel from their homes to the initial reporting location, and at the end of the season they will return home. This location could be hundreds of miles from their residences. During the work season the carriers' service may place them hundreds of miles away from home at the end of each work week. Accordingly, the carriers will pay each employee a minimum travel allowance as follows for all miles actually traveled by the most direct highway route for each round trip:

0 to 100 miles $ 0.00
101 to 200 miles $25.00
201 to 300 miles $50.00
301 to 400 miles $75.00
401 to 500 miles $100.00

Additional $25.00 payments for each 100 miles increments.

(b) At the start up and break up of a gang, an allowance will be paid after 50 miles, with a payment of 12.50 for the mileage between 100 miles.

(c) Carriers may provide bus transportation for employees to their home area on weekends. Employees need not elect this option.

Section 2

For employees required to work over 400 miles from their residences the carrier shall provide, and these employees shall have the option of electing, an air travel transportation package to enable these employees to return to their families once every three weeks. Ground transportation from the work site to the away from home airport shall be provided by each carrier, and on the return trip the carrier shall provide ground transportation from the away from home airport to the lodging site. In dealing with programmed work, the employees and carrier may know how long the employee will be required to work beyond the 400 mile range, and the employer can require the employees to give advanced notion of their intention to elect the air transportation option so that the carrier may take advantage of discounted air fares. Employees must make themselves available for work on at least ninety percent of the regularly scheduled work days during the three week period. And, they will not qualify for the travel allowance set forth in Section 1 during the three week period. Irrespective of the customary meal and lodging entitlement that employees have under their local agreements, when employees elect the air transportation option, they shall be entitled to meals and lodging during the two away-from-home weekends in the three-week cycle and they shall not be entitled to meals and lodging during the third weekend upon which they return home by air transportation.

Section 3

Nothing herein shall be construed to bar the parties from reaching mutual agreement on alternative arrangements.

Section 4

This Article shall become effective ten (10) days after the date of this Agreement except to preserve existing rules or practices pertaining to travel allowances by notification to the authorized carrier representative.

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