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  Feb. 7, 1965 Protection Agreement
BMWE - PEB 243 - Mediation Agreement
First Vice General Chairman
Mediation agreement made on April 25, 2012.
  CRSF - Bylaws
Adopted at the twenty third regular convention of the system federation held in Sandusky, Ohio on September 16, 2013.
CRSF - Proof of Disability
In order for your health coverage to continue, the Railroad Enrollment Services must receive the proof of your disability statement completed by your attending physician.
  CRSF - Transfer From Form
Form to fill out when transferring from the CRSF to another system federation.
CRSF - Transfer To Form
Form to fill out when transferring from another system federation to the CRSF.
  CRSF - Synthesis of Non-Operating National Vacation Agreement
BMWE  - Claim Form
Time limits start on the date of occurrence (violation). Submit this form as soon as possible to insure time limits are met. Information in this form will be used to develop a written claim or grievance.
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